Thursday, December 06, 2012

Toronto radio ratings Aug 27 - Nov 25

BBM Canada has released its Toronto radio data for August 27 – November 25, 2012. Below is the market share of the total number of hours listened for each radio station, expressed in percentage (%):

“Sept-Nov 2012”, the most recent quarter, refers to August 27 – November 25, 2012. “June-Aug 2012” refers to May 28- August 26, 2012 and “Sept-Nov 11” represents the August 29 - November 27, 2011 period. The “1-Yr Diff” calculates the change in market share between this current period and the same period from a year ago.

BBM calculates the share as the number of hours tuned to the radio station out of the total number of listener hours for all radio stations.

The average share is 4.29% meaning that, on the table, any station above The Edge is above average.

CHFI and CHUM FM, owned by Rogers and Bell respectively, remain in the top two spots for hours tuned. CBC Radio One lost 1.4 percent of their tuned hours in one year, while its competition Newstalk 1010 gained 0.8% listener hours in the same span. While the share in hours tuned to Virgin Radio have fallen since the summer, the current quarter share is still an increase from the previous year.

The Fan 590 has maintained their market share since the summer, which is a pleasant surprise since the NHL lockout would normally be an issue for sports radio. Had the NHL season started, The Fan would have broadcasted live Leafs games (splitting them with TSN Radio), which were previously on AM640.

On the topic of TSN Radio, the station is sitting dead last in the ratings. Even the G 98.7, which is not a year old yet, is beating TSN Radio. Certainly, the NHL lockout is not helping the situation. While it is performing better than its previous format, an audio simulcast of Toronto TV news channel CP24, it still hasn't hurt its rival The Fan in the ratings.

The following table provides the listenership figures of each radio station. It shows the number of people who listened to the station for at least one minute during the measurement period and its daily average.

BBM notes: Demographic: A2+ , Daypart: Monday to Sunday 2am-2am

BBM terms:

Cume: Expressed in thousands, this is the total number of people who were exposed to the stations for at least one minute during the analyzed period.

Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.”

Notes: “% of population” is calculated as the percentage of people in Toronto (Average Daily Universe is used) who listen to the station per day. BBM states that the Average Daily Universe of Toronto is 5,754,900. “Daily cume change” calculates the difference in listeners between the current period and the same period from a year ago, while “Daily cume % change” shows the positive or negative daily listener growth of the station from one year ago.

Not quite sure why some stations are separated by solid black lines while other are divided by grey lines. The darkness of the line means nothing -- Blogger seems to distort the colour when I shrink the photo.

CHFI attracted over 950, 000 daily listeners or roughly 17% of the Greater Toronto Area tuned to CHFI at least once a day, even if it is for only a minute. CHFI pulls further ahead of CHUM FM in daily listeners by more than 90, 000 daily listeners. Further down the list is CBC Radio One with a daily listenership of 447, 000.

Hit Music station Virgin Radio has pulled ahead of 680News. The rising popularity of Gangnam Style during the late summer and fall is at least partially responsible for the additional 130,000 listeners on Virgin Radio.

In addition to increasing their share in listener hours, Newstalk 1010 expanded their audience size by 37% over one year. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford started their program in early February of this year, so their show may have had a positive effect on listenership.

While Newstalk 1010 gained listeners, Flow 93.5 and The Jewel lost more than 17% of their audience in one year.


  1. Hey Canadian Media Ratings... you mentioned CFRB's gains... you do realize that AM640 is more competition of CFRB than CBC Radio 1. Did you also realize that 640 is up 0.6 from last year, and the fact that AM640 is actually neck-and-neck with RB in M25-54 demo. The Fords' show did virtually nothing for CFRB most of the year.

  2. Dear TSN Radio,

    Give. It. Up. Or get someone who knows what they're doing to run the station. The programming and the most of the personalities are boring. They do nothing different. Be different, instead of duplicating what you think works. It is not working for you.
    In a year, this station got worse.

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